What do your Advisory Boards do for you?

Bolerotech Advisory Boards provide 3 primary services monthly: Marketing, Engineering, and Investment support services. Marketing = Tactical Support Services for business development to actively help your company sell your product, negotiate contracts, and close deals. Engineering = Strategic Support Services for all things in directly related to receiving a check including: Feasibility studies, Revenue Performance Metrics, case studies,custom Website development, custom App development, Database Integration, CRM system and Prototype development. Investment preparation & quarterly introductions to our pools of Angel, Private equity, and Venture Capital Investors.
Want to find out more? We will show you how we can help you makeithappen@bolerotech.org

Why Ally with us?

  • Save time, Avoid Mistakes, and Succeed Faster with our Business, Programming, and Marketing Experience +

    Tiger Woods is great because he stands on the shoulders of great advisors. We've been there. We can help. Our board of Ivy league advisers have over 30 years of experience working with hundreds of businesses. Learn form the missteps, errors, and wisdom that they have experienced. You will learn more and succeed faster by "standing on the shoulders of giants" then by taking 7 years to repeat the same mistakes.
  • We scout for Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists and Fund Companies with Angel Investments +

    Want to get entrenched in the Silicon valley culture? Want to understand why and how it works? Not only will we represent you...we will open the doors.
  • Veteran connections in Software Development, Engineering, Global Finance, Global Marketing, and International Business Relations +

    Our focus is revenue, figuring every which way possible to rapidly increase yours. Veteran Experience can help you "Pivot", "Switch", and "Make IT Happen". But don't take our word for it. Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers" and Steven D. Levitt's "Freakonomics" have proven that successful teams are not born ...they are made.
  • Global Ivy League Relationships +

    High ranking over achieving baby boomers are retiring. Connect with them through us, we broker b2b relationships with mentors, investors, and other business owners with the talent and resources you need to grow.
  • Arc Reactor Alliance Program +

    All of our clients benefit from our Arc Reactor Alliance program. Our long term Accelerator program helps startups and small businesses innovate by creating win-win-win business to business contracts. Your first win is adding Bolerotech to your advisory board so we can help you solve your business problems and introduce you to potential investors every quarter. Your second win is getting paid for referring a new client. Your third win is Bolerotech will recommend & hire current clients to assist in solving problems for new clients and new projects. Some of our clients pay in equity. Translation: We are not just business development advisors, programmers, and VC management consultants.....we have a vested interest in making sure your company increases its revenue based on our advice.
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